The Role of Small Tech in the Classroom

You’re almost certainly already aware of how much technology is changing classrooms in the modern era. The large tech companies in the world are coming out with products that are very helpful for education. However, it isn’t only the biggest players in the tech world that are having an impact on education. Read on toContinue reading “The Role of Small Tech in the Classroom”

Why Online Learning Needs to Be a Part of Teacher Prep

Teacher prep doesn’t always include being taught about online learning. This is problematic since many people in the education industry recognize that online learning is going to be a huge part of the future of education. Currently, online learning is already important and it’s becoming more prevalent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. KeepContinue reading “Why Online Learning Needs to Be a Part of Teacher Prep”

Voice Tech in Education

You are probably familiar with voice tech because of how popular it has become for consumers. Many people use voice tech to talk to virtual assistants and navigate menus. Did you know that voice tech is now being utilized for educational purposes, though? Read on to learn a bit more about voice tech in education. Continue reading “Voice Tech in Education”

What Is Blended Learning?

Have you heard people talking about blended learning lately? Many people are starting to discuss blended learning as an important strategy for providing education to students around the world. This is already being implemented in many classrooms and schools, but it’s not something that everyone is aware of. Read on to learn more about blendedContinue reading “What Is Blended Learning?”

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