Why Online Learning Needs to Be a Part of Teacher Prep

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Teacher prep doesn’t always include being taught about online learning. This is problematic since many people in the education industry recognize that online learning is going to be a huge part of the future of education. Currently, online learning is already important and it’s becoming more prevalent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep reading to learn why online learning needs to be a part of teacher prep. 

Teachers Need to Know How to Teach in an Online Environment

One of the biggest challenges for a teacher who is going from a traditional teaching environment to an online one is the lack of familiarity. Since most teachers aren’t being taught about online learning as a part of teacher prep, they wind up not understanding the differences between teaching online and teaching in person. Some teaching skills will translate very well to teaching online, but you might not always be able to utilize the same lesson plans. If you want students to be engaged, then you need to learn about keeping students engaged in an online learning environment. 

Teacher prep that focuses on online learning as part of the process will be the most useful in the modern era. Experts agree that education is moving toward online learning at a rapid pace. If programs can start to adopt better online learning practices in their teacher prep processes, then things will improve. It’s better for the teachers and it’s certainly beneficial for their future students. 

Online Learning and Blended Learning Are in Demand

There is a much bigger demand for online learning experiences and blended learning now. You should know that online learning is becoming more common even in areas that once balked at it. Also, blended learning is seen as a great option for students and is being implemented already in many universities. This is a type of learning that involves some online content, some in-person content, and giving students more choices over how they learn as well as where they learn. 

If teachers aren’t informed about these new in-demand learning experiences, then how are they going to teach effectively? The days of teaching entirely from brick and mortar schools might be in the past. As time marches on, online elements will only become more commonplace in schools around the globe. It’s time for teachers to start learning about how to teach effectively in an online environment. 

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