Voice Tech in Education

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You are probably familiar with voice tech because of how popular it has become for consumers. Many people use voice tech to talk to virtual assistants and navigate menus. Did you know that voice tech is now being utilized for educational purposes, though? Read on to learn a bit more about voice tech in education. 

Gaining Information in an Engaging Way

Proponents of voice tech say that it’s useful in the education sector because it allows students to gain information in engaging ways. Students are able to ask questions and get answers using voice technology. It’s easy to understand and kids will be able to use it without having problems. It might even be better than using something like a tablet or laptop since those devices have the potential to distract students from the desired learning experience. 

There are some concerns about voice technology being used in the classroom, however. For example, some are worried about these voice tech devices collecting information about kids and their classroom experiences. The information being collected might seemingly be harmless since it could be used for educational purposes, but it also has the potential to breach certain privacy concerns. This is why utilizing voice tech in the classroom needs to be done in the right way. 

Set Boundaries and Know the Limitations

First, you need to know that voice tech does have limitations and that it isn’t going to replace a student-teacher relationship. It’s simply a tool that can assist with education when necessary. Teachers will also need to set limits on the voice tech to ensure that things stay on track or else students would be able to ask for things that they shouldn’t be asking about. As long as you approach using voice tech with common sense, it’s going to be helpful for the students. 

Never Share Any Personal Information

Students utilizing voice tech need to be informed that they should not share personal information with voice tech devices. This means that questions shouldn’t include things such as names, addresses, ages, and other bits of personal info. The voice tech should only be used to answer educational questions. As long as you use things in this scope, there is very little to worry about. 

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