School Bus Tech Trends

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School buses aren’t the same as they used to be decades ago. In modern times, school buses make use of technology in exciting and useful ways that help both drivers and students. Examine the following school bus tech trends so that you can learn more about it. It’ll help you to realize just how much more sophisticated the school bus experience is for kids these days. 

Radio Communication

It’s imperative for school bus drivers to be able to stay in communication. Radio communication has evolved on school buses over the years and most drivers utilize push-to-talk radios now. It makes it easy for school bus operators to communicate with each other and routing supervisors are always able to get in touch with any necessary information. This helps to improve the overall safety of the school buses to ensure that the kids get to school on time. 

Cameras with Data Offload

Cameras are also commonly found on school buses and you might not think that this is anything new. However, it is now possible to automatically offload the data from the school bus cameras instead of having to manually eject an SD card. This saves a significant amount of time and allows everything to just work seamlessly. This technology generally utilizes LTE data and the cloud to make this possible. 


GPS is now becoming more commonplace on school buses and this makes it easier for drivers overall. School bus drivers can very easily get where they’re going by using GPS data and it also helps to track the school buses. Some enhanced types of GPS systems can even allow parents to see where their kids are if they want to track a school bus when it’s going on some type of school trip. GPS technology will only become more prevalent in school buses moving forward. 


Did you know that many school buses now have Wi-Fi that kids are able to use? This is fantastic for kids who want to be able to study on the bus or finish up homework. Not every school bus has Wi-Fi in America, but it is becoming more common and is a tech trend to be aware of. Having Wi-Fi on school buses will be a game-changer for kids who don’t have access to Wi-Fi at home and it’s something that many school districts should consider.

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